Scene of railway station

The hawkers go to some other platform. Cold — drinks, tea, coffee, snacks etc. At the platform there was a large number of passengers.

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Those who got in, got seats or remained standing. There was a big crowd of people. Scene of railway station Many passengers got down and many more got in. Some were coming out as they had just arrived and were planning to carry their luggage to the compartments. Many of them were selling snacks of different types.

It is full of hustle and bustle. After sometime the guard whistled and also waved a green flag.

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When the train was about to enter the station people got ready to board on the train. The platform became dull. Some were sitting on benches and smoking or reading newspapers.

The waiting at the Railway Station seemed to pass off very fast while looking at all these things.

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Some were reading newspaper. They stopped their crying. Coolies were carrying luggage from one place to another. Everyone around was seen waving hands for their departing nears and dears.

When the train comes at the station, people move hurriedly. Passengers getting in and passengers getting out bump into one another. He collected tickets from to drink. He purchased a ticket for him. I sat on a bench and began to look idly here and there to kill time.

The whole platform was full of noise. There was noise and commotions everywhere. All passengers seemed to be in a hurry. A few were pacing up and down the platform.

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The station staff retire to their rooms. The train started moving out slowly. Hence it is a very important place in every city. Madame vauquer descriptive essay word english essay komparativer kostenvorteil einfaches beispiel essay devaluation of the dollar essays about love, grad school essay argumentative essay on legalizing drugs maid in america documentary essay symbols in lord of the flies essay about myself welcome speech for christmas essaysmy favorite place to shop essay writing orwell essays audio katalog dissertationen deutschland karte poem trees joyce kilmer analysis essay international employment law essay essay on death with dignity act.

The guard blew the whistle and waved the green flag.

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It was time for the train to depart. There was waging of hands and hand kerchiefs. There was waving of hands and handkerchiefs. People were trying to get good capacity.

Since it was the occasion of Holi, the rush was somewhat unprecedented. Scene at the arrival of the train: After a few minutes the engine gave a long whistle and the train left the platform.

Many passengers got down the train, several got into it. The vendors were having a busy time. The signaling and interlocking system particularly impressed me. A railway station is a place where trains arrive and leave. Hence it is a very important place in every city. Hence it is a very important place in every city.

One can find here a cross-section of people. Free sample essay on Scene at a Railway Station. A railway station is a busy place. It is a complete world in itself. There is a rush of people every time.

The coming and going of the trains continues twenty-four hours. Trains enter the platform; people get ready to get into them. Those who have [ ]. The scene at a Railway Platform is always enjoyable. It presents a picture of mini India.

Last Sunday I went to the city Railway station to see my aunt off. The railway station presents an interesting scene. There is a great rush at the booking windows.

There is also a great rush of passengers at the inquiry office. The coolies are seen sitting in a. Essay cleanliness of neighborhood school grounds essay about buddhism and hinduism compare vernehmungsprotokoll beispiel essay.

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Scene of railway station
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